I’m Madara, Latvian who now lives in Mexico, city called Irapuato. One of the loves of my life is beauty in everything – nature, animals, people, art, music, food, home, interior and more, and more. In my opinion the field, that connects all these arts and beauties in one, is interior design. What can be better than to make a perfect place and environment around yourself and others? Environment, that talks in the same language as person living in there.

I’m maybe not a professional with a degree in design, but with a strong passion in interior design for sure! During the classes I took, to get more knowledge about interior design, I just felt and felt in love with it more and more. Now I’m still continuing to be the best friends with interior design, by decorating and getting together my new home in Mexico.

As I have always loved handmade, homemade, do it yourself (DIY) and other fun things, in my blog you will find not only design projects, that I have made and I am making now, but also some DIY inspirations and recreations into my home. Sometimes the simplest things matters the most!

You are more than welcome to contact me, if you have any questions, offers or just nice words to say – madara.rube@gmail.com. Don’t hesitate to follow my daily adventures or contact me also in Facebook or Instagram. I’m always ready and open for new offers and breathtaking oportunities :)