DIY LOVE hanger

Right now I am in the process of making a gallery wall in my home in Mexico. Decided to add a little bit of LOVE to this spot. This is the easiest and cutest way to make it happen!

First of all, go and grab some clothes hanger. I found super simple one, made of metal (I think it came together with a shirt in a shop where we bought one for Alan).

Then you will need a piece of black paper, stronger than a normal one.  Of course, you can use another color as well, there are no rules for this. Take a ruler and a pencil and draw the name, word or letters you want. I chose LOVE because.. who wouldn’t like to have as much love in life as possible! :) Then just cut out the letters by using scissors or a paper knife and you are ready go!

Next step is to find a teeny-tiny clothespins to hang your letters. I imported mine from Latvia but you should be able to find them basically everywhere or at least in gift stores. Hang the letters and you are ready to add this super simple invention to your gallery wall, into kids room as a fun accessory or laundry nook as a humorous detail :) Good luck!



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