DIY serving tray

I love to have some unique accessories, tools and decorations for my home. Even better, if I can make them by myself! This time my new accessory belongs to kitchen / dining area. Want to guess? Simple – it’s a cute wooden serving tray, inspired by Shanty 2 Chick Chalkboard – Serving Tray. What can be better than a delicious homemade apple pie for a breakfast in bed in a sunny Sunday morning :)

I started by choosing wooden pieces from a pallet I had in my backyard. As the wooden pieces were not enough wide for a serving tray, I cut two pieces 60 cm long each of them with a plan to put them together as one.

I sanded these pieces and used glue for wood, that I bought in Pénjamo, to stick them both together. To make it more stable, I add on the bottom of the serving tray a wooden base, sticked it with glue for wood and some extra nails.

On the top of the serving tray I made like a little chalkboard. To do that I used some tape, put it all around the base and colored the middle. As this was the first time for me by using a chalkboard paint, I paint it first once, waited for 2 hours to get a little bit dry and then add another level of paint.

In the end I stained the ”naked” wood a little bit, to make it darken and ”older”. I added 2 pulls, that I bought for 0.90 each, each on one side of the tray. I know it is not so necessary, but to finish this I varnished wooden surfaces with a light, water resistible varnish, cause… You never know what can happen in the kitchen!

I’m totally in love with the result! Looks so cute! It can be used as a unique serving tray for celebrations or friends’ party as well as a tini-tiny movable table for a grill party for putting it straight into the grass. Just take some blackboard chalks, personalize the tray and let the magic happen! Enjoy!


As always, I love to leave some natural wooden edges and ornaments as well as stamps from original pallets. This time was not an exception :)




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