DIY wooden frames

As our bedroom walls  are still white, untouched and innocent, I came up with a simple idea, how to fresh them up a bit.

I made 4 simple wooden frames from pallet wood, that was left from few previous projects – some of them already cut, some in one piece, some very smooth and some deeply rustic. Measured all, how I wanted, and started to use my green saw.

In the back of the frames, I added small pieces of wood, to hold all structure together. First I used a bit of glue for wood and then also nails for a double safety.

After putting this together, I used a sander, to make the surfaces just a little bit smoother in case, if somebody really wants to touch these pieces of art :)

I decided to put frames onto the wall, by using a sisal rope. Just made a small holes in the back wooden pieces and put the rope through it.

Already in the beginning I knew, that on this wall I want black & white pictures. I added these pictures with a silver furniture nails – easy, fast and cute.

I’m so happy with the results, specially because it costed me more or less 25 $ (yes, I’m still in Mexico :) 25 $ = 1.42 ).

I saved all the natural and rustic pallet parts, like old nail holes, scratches, surfaces  and colors.

My new frames totally fit into this room and make it much more cosier, fresh and natural. Love it! :)

Processed with Rookie

As always, all the things in our house need to fit to our little precious of the family :)




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