DIY wooden bench

Few weeks ago with my couple we decided to do some DIY together and make a cute wooden bench, inspired by Funky Junk version.

Now our teamwork’s outcome has taken a place infront of our house for some warm evenings and a good glass of wine with a perfect company or fresh morning with a cup of English tea.

To start to work, you just need to get some wooden pallets and a man, who’s ready to break it down and put an effort to make a magic happen.

When the pallet is down, we started to put all the pieces around to decide, what do we want to achieve. So, we used one almost complete pallet without breaking it down + adding different pieces from other pallets.

This is what we ended up with. Cuteness! (: Bench for two..

We left upper part more natural, with different heights and shapes.

We tried to save and highlight the unique parts of wood – colors, shapes, ornaments.

Ended up the whole view with some plant pots and pillows.

Our brand new bench already experienced its first grill Fat Sunday together with a pallet bonfire chair and matching table. Salut! (:




2 thoughts on “DIY wooden bench

  1. Hey Madara!!!

    I was thinking about buy new furniture for my apartment.

    My new idea goes for asking both of you to design it, according to my lovely personality!

    What do you think?

    Please say hello to Gatis!


    • Hi, Mara!

      For sure we can figure out something like this, no problem.

      Maybe you can write me on Facebook or on mail, so we can chat about this more and find out, what exactly are your wants :)

      Greatings, Madara


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